We want to give you your most beautiful hair.

The Brazilian 365 Treatment is perfect for Curly and thick hair. Our formula is rich with vitamins, keratin protein, minerals and natural conditioning agents for extra nutrients for better hydration while improving the health of your hair. Our Brazilian 365 Hair Treatment creates a protective protein layer on your hair, strand by strand, thus eliminating frizz leaving hair soft, manageable, shiny and healthy. This Brazilian Keratin Formula also contains Cacao Seed Butter extract creating a natural form of protective barrier that prevents dryness and loss of hydration dashed with a delicious chocolate fragrance leaving your hair soft, straight and shiny. Results last up to 4 months.


What is Brazilian 365 Chocolate?

Keratin is being pressed into every single hair and it also provide a coat on it. That way every strand of hair is being rebuilt inside as well as outside.

Who Can Use the Brazilian 365 Chocolate Treatment?

Our treatment can be used on dyed and damaged hair, even hair that’s been mistreated often with unhealthy chemicals and other substances.

What are the results of Brazilian 365 Chocolate Treatment?

Hair will gain softness, smoothness and a look of straight, healthy hair. It also will look shiny and will be much easier to style. If hair has been dyed, straighten out with the Hair 365 Flat iron which helps intensify color and extends its longevity.

How long do the results last ?

Outstanding results of the therapy will last three to four months, which results may vary due to a persons hair maintenance. Treatment can be repeated within five weeks.

How does Brazilian 365 Chocolate Treatment differ from other treatments?
  • Brazilian 365 Chocolate Treatment provides ingredients of highest standard
  • Brazilian 365 Chocolate Treatment offers best price on the market
  • Does not contain formaldehyde
  • Contains only natural, organic ingredients
  • Brazilian 365 Chocolate Treatment revitalizes the structure of hair but does not change it
  • Brazilian 365 Chocolate Treatment is a straight forward, easy process, done in  1.5 – 2 hours
  • Brazilian 365 Chocolate Treatment is extremely cost effective